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Since the first days of October community managers of big and small Facebook pages must face an harsh reality: a huge amount of fans is not enough. Now everyone can see how many people are actually interacting with the page; and there is a page that interacts with fans a lot.

Let’s start from a premise: the “Talking about this” value is updated every day, and it calculates the interactions on a page in the last week. Which includes mentions, posts on the wall, comments, new likes and so on. But let’s not go deeper: I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, who works in Social Media marketing knows the annoying phenomenon of fake fans: they can be bought in large amounts from countries like India or Pakistan, or artificially created specifically for the launch of Facebook pages. Let’s think about movies: when it comes to launch a fan page from scratch, quite often production companies choose this option. But these fans are useless, and not just because they will never buy our product: they also won’t interact with our outstandingly smart and tremendously hilarious community manager, and therefore they won’t make our “Talking about this” look good.

We already discussed the real value of a Like: they count a lot, especially because the number of fans can be a quick way to judge how popular a brand, a celebrity, a politician is. But today, it’s not just about the amount: quality is also crucial, and if a page is not interesting everyone can see it right away. I don’t know if somebody already came up with a “fan/Talking about this” value to determine whether a page is performing good or bad, but I know a person that for sure is doing good on Facebook.

This person is Jesus. Not a random one: there are dozens of Jesuses on Facebook, from South American churches to the page “I Bet Jesus Can Break The Record For Most Fans On Facebook!” (which has less than a million fans…). We are talking about Jesus Daily, a page created with no aim or ambition, that now has more than 10 million fans.


There’s just one goal: to spread the word of Jesus to all the world. Aaron Tabor, a 40 years old physician from North Carolina, created the page as a hobby, inspired by faith and the memory of his father, who was a preacher. So it gave birth to a Facebook page that shortly became a worldwide sensation: every newspaper or magazine talked about it, from AllFacebook to the New York Times – that in September published an interesting article about Daily Jesus, mentioning that one out of 3 Facebook users in the US publicly shares his religious beliefs.

Started in 2009, in just 2 years he was able to make Jesus do another miracle: show the world the most interactive Facebook page in history, with more than 15% of fans talking about it every day. There’s no brand in the world with such a huge interaction, not even the biggest lovebrands. Take a look at this:

jesus brand

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: you can’t compare a brand to a person that changed the lives of billions of people in the last 2 thousand years. So how about using pop-stars as a basis of comparison?

Please notice: we are not saying that Jesus and a celebrity are at the same level. But since when John Lennon said “I’m bigger than Jesus” we are used to rock or pop stars that have some sort of super-human, mystic, almost religious value for millions of people.

So here we go with some of the most influential popstars in the world, at the moment. We also included Eminem, which we already mentioned as the human being with most fans on Facebook:

jesus popstar

Even in this case, there’s no game. Jesus Daily didn’t just win: it trashed them! The canadian teen-star Justin Bieber is one of the most explosive phenomenons of modern history, if we consider his impact in music, TV, pop-culture. And also Internet: let’s just think about the fact that at least once a week there’s a Justin-Bieber-related-something trending on Twitter. But still, the Jesus of Aaron Tabor is way more viral than him.


Facebook interaction

We all know how religion has always been compared to marketing, and in many cases even the story of the Roman Catholic Church has been considered as one of the greatest marketing campaign in history. But especially in a country like America, Jesus can sometimes be easily associated to a brand. From books like The Man nobody knows – that pictures Jesus as the person who invented viral marketing – to the phenomenon of megachurches, that includes “religion businessmen” like the troubled evangelical pastor Ted Haggard.

facebook community manager

But here the point is different: this Facebook page is not trying to “sell Jesus”. It is just one of the best community management examples we’ve ever seen. Always fresh contents, and a good variety of interesting subjects: from the American politics to messages of faith towards the goodness of life, including (the right amount of) cute puppies. They’re God’s creatures as well, aren’t they?

The Facebook management of Mr. Tabor is steady but not intrusive; it delivers a strong message but it doesn’t “spam” a nagging call-to-action. And, most important thing, he knows what his fan base wants to hear and wants to say. Amen.

Guido Ghedin


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