Did Google make it this time?

 Google Plus

Google Plus is just born and many people haven’t tried it yet, many haven’t even known about it: the common people, those that don’t constantly follow the news of the Web, those that will be really decisive in decreeing the success or failure of this new project Big G, they still don’t know it exists.

For now it’s a land for Internet geeks, critics and Web curios, land for us who deal with technology and who,  with full knowledge of the facts but without the gift of predicting the future, give our opinion on the product that Google was able to create.

As for me, the opinion is excellent, because Google Plus realizes what I anticipated a year ago: “Google wants to create a social network that coincided with our real relations and integrated itself with our real life better than Facebook does.

And it doesn’t really matter, as many people stress, if the layout is similar to Facebook and Diaspora: Google Plus completely twists the logic of a social network and bring us to its third generation: after MySpace and Facebook, based on a friendship system, after Twitter and FriendFeed, based on the followship system, Google Plus brings us a system based on the social circles and that coincided with our real life.

Google Plus in fact turn the logics with which we add people on a social network:  no longer (just) to follow their contents and messages but (also) to share these contents with them (but only those that we really want to share).

Google twists the approach to the social networks and fix those incongruities between real and virtual social life: it does it by adapting a successful layout tested with social networks like Facebook, but optimizing its functionalities ( shall we talk of how the Google Plus notifications are much better than  Facebook’s?)

It’s too early to judge, but, as far as I’ve seen, Google Plus could be a brilliant point in Google’s Social Web adventure, after a series of incredible failures. It  could actually give a blow to Facebook, but also help big G in the mobile-war against Apple.

I believe this is a beginning of a new Google, in which Plus is the core of all the system, predominantly in the Google Search. We just wait to see what spaces Google Plus will offer to the companies and what chances of communication will give to the brands and finally, how the common people will react to this huge novelty: because we all are in Google, in some way or other, but the (partial or full) detachment from Facebook won’t be easier for anyone.

And  you, what do you think?  Will Google Plus have the deserving success? Will be able to live together with Facebook and will it represent what Facebook was for MySpace?

About the same topic you can read another article, with different opinions, by my friend Marco Pezzano.

Michele Polico

Translation by Luigi Tarini

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